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Thursday, 1 December 2016

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Dangerous Google Dorks which will help you to hacking or getting juicy information for further attack on any website or server.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

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How to hack - Website with Google Dork

How TO Hack Any Website with Google Dork

This hack is done by an exploit called PHPmyadmin Exploit.

Introducing the Dork: allinurl:index.php?db=information_schema

Using this dork you can bypass username and password and can also edit schema of that website.
You can see whole database or edit or delete it without knowing admin panel username and password.


Search on google: allinurl:index.php?db=information_schema

After that you will get many results. you can choose any one.
and click on the link.


Now you have the whole database of the website. Now you can do whatever you want. You can see the admin username by just finding users table in the database. you can see and update , delete the record in the database. for that you need some knowledge of databse or phpmyadmin.

what you can do Now?

  • you can see all username and password of users using this hack .
  • you can edit database of that website using this hack.
  • you can delete the tables and data using this hack.
  • you can also compromise the server using this hack.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

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Yes, You can access your Facebook account with 3 different passwords . I was surporised when i read this message posted by one of my friend in Facebook. So , immediately, i tested whether it is true one or not. Yes, it is working.

Facebook allows the following variation of your passwords:

1. Your Original Password:
Let us assume that you are using "breakTheSecurity" as password. Yeah, you can log in with your default password ;)

2. Your original password with the case reversed(Toggle case):
This one will be interesting one. You can toggle the case of your Password and use it.

For instance, your are using "breakTheSecurity" as your default password. In this password, 'T' and 'S' is Capitalized.

if you toggle the password case, then your password will become "BREAKtHEsECURITY".

3. Your original password with the first letter capitalized:

If the first character of your password is in lower case and you change it to Upper case, you can still login with this one.

For instance, the original password is "breakTheSecurity" . In this password, the first character 'b' is in lower case. If you capitalize the first character, then your password is "BreakTheSecurity".

The reason for 3 Passswords for your facebook account
It is not security flaw. It is just feature provided by Facebook.

"We accept three forms of the user's password to help overcome the most common reasons that authentic logins are rejected. In addition to the original password" Zdnet quoted as Facebook spokesperson saying. " we also accept the password if a user inadvertently has caps lock enabled or their mobile device automatically capitalizes the first character of the password."

Three different Usernames:
1. You can use your Facebook 'Username' as user name(if you have created)
2. You can use your email address
3. You can use use your mobile number ( if you have added your mobile number in Fb).

Yeah, i know this is one of the old one. Now only i come to know about this and like to share with BTS readers. Hope you enjoyed this article..!