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Sunday, 19 February 2017

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Hello guys, again after a long time i am here to write blog for you.
Today i am gonna talk about google dorks. Google dorks is just to search on google with some complex expression which generally we do not use while searching on google. So we will talk about those complex expressions but first we want to know why would i use google dorks instead of simply typing the text which we want to search. The answer is below.

Why Would I Use Google Dorks

Sometime when we search on the google the exact or correct result doesn't shows but something irrelevant comes up. Its quite annoying when we don't find expected result on first page of the google.We have to spend too much time to get expected thing on google sometime. Lets understand with exmple. I need to find PHP book on in pdf format then mostly users type on google something like " PHP Book "
But it might might show you some irrelevant blogs about php and some website etc instead of showing PDF file on the topic of " PHP ".
So to get rid of this we have explained a detailed blog on Google dorks you can read about it on our Blog by clicking below image.

Google Droks

Friday, 4 July 2014

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Google Dorks | Google hacking

This post is also written by me on my website you can check out -Google Dorks

May be many of you don't know how google search engine power. Most of the time when you search any unusual thing on the google or any search engine you did't get perfect result that you want so at that time what can you do? and how you can get more accurate result from google search.

This post is all about Google hacking. Google hacking doesn't mean i am going to tell you how to hack google website or google server.
Google hacking real mean is how we can make our search more accurate and how can we decrease the number of search result so that we can get what we want using google dorks.

What is google dorks

Google dorks is also a query to the google but these are not usual as we all write to search on google. Google dorks are the filters which filter the unwanted search results and reduce the number of search result and make efficient search result. Click on the link to see full post google dorks