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Saturday, 23 February 2013

On 15:26 by chandan singh in    18 comments
Google Safe Browsing is the most popular security blacklist in use. It is leveraged by Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. As such, being blacklisted by Google is a big deal - users of these three browsers are warned not to visit the sites and Google puts warnings in their search results.

I've run Google Safe Browsing against the top 1 million (based on number of visits) websites according to Alexa. 621 of them are blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing. I've looked at the most popular to understand why they are considered malicious. Here is what I found for the most popular blacklisted sites:

Rank                Domain               Threat                         Comment
6,239       Malicious JavaScript           Hijacked
18,784              Scam                         Work from home scam
35,610                 PDF malware                       Porn
41,560                          Malicious JavaScript     Hijacked
47,016       Fake AV                    Hijacked
52,409                   Adware download
52,431                   Malicious JavaScript         Hijacked
53,902                   Malicious JavaScript           Hijacked
78,202                   Fake AV                         Hijacked
81,403                      Malicious JavaScript            Hijacked
82,344                       Malicious JavaScript              Hijacked
83,858          Malicious IFRAME              Porn
125,305            Malicious JavaScript            Hijacked
133,455            Malicious JavaScript               Hijacked