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Thursday, 17 April 2014

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How to hack - Website with Google Dork

How TO Hack Any Website with Google Dork

This hack is done by an exploit called PHPmyadmin Exploit.

Introducing the Dork: allinurl:index.php?db=information_schema

Using this dork you can bypass username and password and can also edit schema of that website.
You can see whole database or edit or delete it without knowing admin panel username and password.


Search on google: allinurl:index.php?db=information_schema

After that you will get many results. you can choose any one.
and click on the link.


Now you have the whole database of the website. Now you can do whatever you want. You can see the admin username by just finding users table in the database. you can see and update , delete the record in the database. for that you need some knowledge of databse or phpmyadmin.

what you can do Now?

  • you can see all username and password of users using this hack .
  • you can edit database of that website using this hack.
  • you can delete the tables and data using this hack.
  • you can also compromise the server using this hack.



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