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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

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What is Hacker?

Hacker is person like Us, But he or she has great ability to think out of the box. He can think differently than other.
We can take hacker as in our daily life because if you know your work very well than others then are the hacker of that work.
But Here we are taking hacker in field of Web application hacking, Network hacking etc. So to be hacker he or she has to be the good knowledge of programming skills, different Operating system, Networking, protocols, understanding of application you are going to hack. To become a complete hacker is not an easy task. Hacker have to keep update himself from New vulnerability, New attacks, Bypass, attack vectors, New technology in web application, etc. So they have to study alot, research.

Skills Need to Become Hacker

  1. Understanding of programming concepts
  2. Operations of different Operating System
  3. A lot of Patience
  4. Understanding of application architecture
  5. Understanding of SQL
  6. And keep researching

You can Start Hacing with google hacking

Then After you explore differne type of vulnerability. Here you learn how to attack on application what are the different attacker, Vulnerability etc.

To be the best hacker always keep researching that what new technologies comming into the market, What new attacks are possible, New vulnerabilities are comming.
If i forget somthing then comment me i will update

Note: Do Not perform attacks on real live website otherwise you will be behind the bars. I am not responsible. This tutorial is for Educational purpose only.



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