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Friday, 2 November 2012

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Today, keylogger would only paint half a picture of someones computer activity and because of this the name " Keylogger " has progressed to become ‘Computer Monitoring Software’. Through the internet, you can access a whole range of computer monitoring
software and keyloggers, some are malicious, some aren’t, but they usually encompass a range of standard features.
‘Commercial Computer Monitoring Software is the type of software that you need if you wanted to monitor a lazy employee or a wayward teenagers computer activity. These types of computer monitoring software are never meant to be used maliciously, and almost always come with a disclaimer that has to be acknowledged before you can install the software. These applications have a number of powerful features in 2012 and although they vary from developer to developer, they usually include a standard set of features.

Along with the keystroke monitoring (which will monitor all keys pressed, along with the time and date they were pressed and the application they were typed in to), the second feature you will find in most modern software is screenshot monitoring. This can usually be set to take a screenshot either at set time intervals, or every time a new window becomes active.

Of course, it goes without saying that along with the keystrokes and screenshots, most applications will log all applications used, and the date and time of the use (sometimes, along with the length of use). But today, the most important feature of any monitoring software is internet/website monitoring. Most software will monitor all websites visited (or all web requests) and the date and time of the visit, while also taking a screenshots of the visited website. This can all be used along with the keystroke monitoring to gain user names, passwords and web mail sent and received.
The next most common feature will be document, file and printer monitoring. These features are a must if you’re looking to monitor someone in an office environment. They usually work by monitoring all files opened, saved, copied and deleted, along with the date and time of the activity. Print monitoring will also monitor when a document is printed, along with the name of the printer used. The computers clipboard will also be monitored, so anything that’s been copied and pasted will be logged.
These features are usually the standard set you will find in modern computer monitoring software, although most software will vary on what else they offer (some monitor webcams, GPS etc). Almost all of these applications will run in complete stealth (not showing in the task manager, start menu, add/remove programs etc) and will be opened using a secret key combination and a password
John Jones, the author of this article runs ‘Gecko Monitor’ – the powerful and stealthy computer monitoring software.

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